Do you love fantasy, sci-fi, or, reading anything, really, just a little too much? Have you spent more money on figurines, Riot points, or roleplaying books than your wardrobe? Do you get so excited about Star Wars or Lord of the Rings or any other of the amazing fandoms out there that your pretty sure you may have scared off potential life partners? Congratulations, you’re a huge dork like me and that makes you awesome!

This site is my love letter to everything nerdy, geeky, and, yes, completely dorky. I’ll talk about everything that I’m obsessing over – be it TMNT, Star Wars, DnD, novels, board games, video games, and more – and try my damnedest to spread the word about cool stuff that maybe, just maybe, you might not have heard of.

We’re all huge dorks, you guys. Let’s embrace it!

Contact Information

Have something you’d like Recommended or Spotlighted on the site? Interested in advertising or sponsoring? Just want to confess your undying love for me? Get in touch at:

travis (at) obsessivelydorky (dot) com

Questions = Answers

Who are you gorgeous, bearded man?

I’m Travis Anderson, and thank you for the flattering comment.

Why did you make this wonderful website that I check every hour of every day?

I’m glad you asked! Like most nerds, I love to talk about the things I love. It gets me excited and motivated to tackle my own projects even harder. So, I decided to start a dedicated blog site where I not only post my musings on different nerdy topics, but highlight and point people in the direction of said things I’m raving about, like podcasts, Kickstarter projects, and webcomics. This is just me being the excitable little dork I’ve always been.

I gotta ask, what’s with having both Recommendations and Spotlights? Isn’t that a bit redundant?

Yes and no. Recommendations lean more heavily toward being positive reviews, but without a scoring system, while Spotlights are directed to stuff that I’m excited about that’s either ongoing or is time sensitive, such as podcasts or Kickstarter projects.

You have some awesome photography on this site! Is it all yours?

Oh, you! Every photo or image that isn’t credited or sourced underneath the image itself is mine, yes.

Did you make those hip icons on your logo?

Sadly, no. The dice icon can be found at IconsDB.com, the controller at Iconfinder.com, the pawn at Freepik.com, and the book at Simpleicon.com. I wish I was that skilled, but luckily there are these great sites with free icons for us non-graphic designers out there.