Episode 24: Recognition Breeds Motivation

In this episode, apologies abound! Laziness and lack of motivation may have kept one of the podcasting duo from getting episodes up, but that doesn’t mean they’ve run out of topics to discuss. The price of .pdfs vs hard copies, creator anxiety, and the importance of letting those who make the stuff you like know …

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Episode 23: Responsibilities Need A Pause Button

In this episode, Travis and Grace have a smattering of topics they discuss. They touch on the wonderful buffoonery that is Critical Role, what can happen when personalities don’t jive, the awesomeness that was Logan, where R-rated superheroes are headed, and other random bits of nerditry.

Hosts: Travis Anderson (the Husband) and Grace Anderson …

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Episode 22: Everyone Else Sucks

In this episode, Travis and Grace talk about collaborative storytelling (yay DnD!), where they stand on linear vs. sandbox-style roleplaying, and how collaborating on artistic projects can be difficult depending on one’s personality.

Hosts: Travis Anderson (the Husband) and Grace Anderson (the Wifey)
Edited by: Travis Anderson
Edited with: Audacity
Intro/Outro Music: Royalty Free Music from …

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Episode 21: Everyone Would Be Dead Without R2-D2

Droids are the most shit upon “species” in the Star Wars universe. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t love them. R2-D2 is a BAMF, BB-8 is shaped like a friend, and K-2S0 came out of nowhere to sarcastically steal our hearts. Even C-3P0 has his own charms despite not getting enough respect. Well we’re here …

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Episode 20: A World of Wonder Women

Women are awesome. You know this and I know this, but president Cheeto is a little unclear on this fact. In order to offer him some clarity on this fact, millions of people all over the world took to the streets. Travis and Grace talk about #WomensMarch, the importance of female icons, and delve into …

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