You’re Such a Dork


I love that saying.

I’ve never heard it used in any way that isn’t at least playful, if not affectionate. Whenever I find myself using it, it’s because my wife has gone on an excitement-filled gush storm about something that she loves or has recently gotten into with ferocity. It makes me smile, chuckle, shake my head, and say:
“Man, you’re such a dork.”


She has done the same to me countless times. Whether I’ve been obsessing over Star Wars or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the thousandth time, talking incessantly about the new roleplaying game books I want to buy (you know it’s never just one), or droning on about League of Legends champions and abilities like she’s as informed on the subject as I am, she thinks I’m as big a dork as she is. As we all are.

I happily call myself a nerd, though rarely a geek, but the more I flip the term dork over in my mind the more I like it. It’s fun, it’s cute, it’s huggable, it’s squishy, it’s fandom, it’s joy, it’s all the traits and personalities that make up gamers, comic book readers, manga lovers, tabletop addicts, novel devourers, and so many others without, atleast to me, the negative baggage some might associate with our other monikers.


I love it when my wife calls me a dork because it means my obsessive love for mountains of nerdy and geeky past times makes her happy, and vice versa. How do I know it makes her happy? Because we’re all warmed to our core when we see the ones we love happy, and grow happier in return. I might not care much for this new set of dolls or that particularly hot fanfic, but the more they make her smile the more of them I want her to have. We dorks find happiness in the minutia of our fandoms, the details of our diversions, the excitement of our entertainment. Sharing that happiness with someone who understands it, be they friend, family, or partner, is the dream.

If you were wondering to the point of what this first post is about, you must only look to the title of the site you have stumbled upon. Obsessively Dorky. We are dorks because we are mad for the things that we love and we love the things that we are mad for. This site is my love letter to the stuff that brings we the most joy in the world (besides my lovely wife, of course), be they podcast, novel, comic, board game, video game, etc. To me, being dorky is a positive and that is my aim for this site, to talk about that which I love, not rant and rave and fill the internet with further negativity. I do not wish to join the packs of trolls that already roam the wilds of the web.


Here you will find recommendations for everything from podcasts to board games, more blog posts just like this, spotlights of things that peak my interest (usually Kickstarter related), and our very own podcast. My plan is to post something new every day, but that’s not a hill I’m willing to die on just yet. Expect something at least once a week, scouts honour.*

Sit back, give it all a read or a listen, and remember: we’re all just a bunch of dorks.

*Travis Anderson was never and has never been a boy scout.

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